In its second weekend, Tom Cruise's Paramount and Skydance tentpole is performing quite well.

"Top Gun: Maverick," which will gross $190 million domestically on Sunday, marks the lowest drop in history for a $100 million or more opening weekend.

In North America, the summer tentpole grossed $25 million on Friday, bringing the total to $230 million for the day.

By the end of Sunday, that figure should have risen to $290 million, with a global total of $540 billion.

Top Gun 2 is also performing well worldwide, having crossed the $200 million mark on Friday and is still going strong.

Top Gun: Maverick surpassed 2005's The War of the Worlds ($243.3 million), not adjusted for inflation, as Cruise's highest-grossing film in the United States on Saturday.

After blowing past the first Top Gun ($180.3 million) and Cruise's Mission: Impossible flicks, including the most recent installment, Mission: Impossible — Fallout ($220.2 million), this is the highest-grossing film in the franchise.

On a global scale, Top Gun: Maverick has already outperformed the first Top Gun, which grossed $176 million before inflation. With $39.7 million, the United Kingdom is in first place.